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So I figured that it was time to get one of these so here it is:

Veronica Mars Fic

Gangsters Paradise: Veronica is a working girl in the 1930s and when she meets supposed gangster her life is turned upside down
WIP chapter 1 chapter 2   chapter 3 chapter 4  PG

Dinner on Mars: What if Veronica had let Logan speak when they had dinner with her dad? Written for [ profile] vmfic_gameon PG

The Decline and Fall of the Kane Empire: Five people who didn’t kill Lilly Kane... But could have. Written for [ profile] vmfic_gameon R

Open your Eyes: What do you do when the one you love is being reckless? Written for [ profile] vmfic_gameon R

The voice-mail of reason: What if Veronica had listened to Logan’s voicemail instead of deleting it? PG

A place to start from: AU for episode 2.20 Finish the next mornings sccene if Kendall hadn't been in Logan's room. PG 

They tried to make me go to rehab: Three times Veronica has had to drop someone off at rehab. Written for[ profile] vmfic_gameon  PG

A kiss to wish by: What if Veronica had let Logan kiss her alterna-prom? Written for [ profile] vmfic_gameon PG

Judgement: Logan finally makes good on a promise to his father... Written for [ profile] vmfic_gameon R

Closing Doors: Logan doesn’t let Veronica close the door on him after she tells him she was raped. Episode 21 vm_redux prompt.  PG

Don't you love me too: ‘I love you?’ ‘Why’  PG

Christmas Morning: Christmas morning at the Presidential Suite .  NC-17

Once upon a game of mini golf: It always starts with a game of mini golf. PG

Where the wild things are: The reading of a book... PG

FortuneFavours LoVe: What if the fortune cookie had a different effect on Veronica?  PG

Dount Gets Dunked: Duncan gets caught in Mexico with Lilly and now he must face the time for his crime. PG

Choices: During a series of flashbacks in this episode, Veronica tells us how her friends made her choose between them (specifically Duncan and his family) and her Dad. What if she had chose differently.  PG

Out of Order: What if Veronica and Logan had talked about the kiss before journalism?

You found Me: Years and years and years and years later you found me...  Written for love_is_epic during the vm_redux gift exchange. NC-17

Tradition: Christmas time brings traditions, friends, family and things to make the New Year better… Mac/Weevil fic. PG

Birthday Cakes Through the Years: A series of birthday cakes given through the years... PG

Light up the world: Veronica and Logan take their children to a small town tradition PG


Smallville Fic

Prom Talk:  Chloe met Oliver during high school. PG

Prom Night: Sequel to Prom Talk.  It’s prom night for Chloe and Oliver. PG

Start Over: What if Oliver had been a supporter of Senator Kent from the very beginning of his campaign?
chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5 chapter 6  chapter 7 chapter 8 chapter 9 chapter 10 chapter 11 chapter 12 chapter 13 chapter 14 chapter 15 chapter 16 chapter 17. PG to NC-17

The games we play, The heroes we save: Watchtower and Green Arrow have only meet a hand full of times while doing what they do best, bringing justice to the world. But when Watchtower goes missing Green Arrow decides it’s time to rally forces with the all girl heroine team to bring her home. Written for [ profile] calie15 in the chlollie love fest exchange.  R

That's a noir: Rewrite of the episode Noir in which Oliver helps Chloe solve the attempted murder of Lana with a little bit of help from Jimmy Olsen. PG
Ballroom Surprises: A night at a gala leads to jealousy striking and a few surprises... Written for [ profile] sxymami0909 for the [ profile] legendary_women's aution. PG

Chirstmas with the Queens: A family Christmas at the Kent farm leads to its normal chaos...  Written for [ profile] deangirl20 as part of the [ profile] svgiftxchange. It also acts as a sequel to Ballroom Surprises. PG

Showing Appreciation: Chloe finds some small Christmas surprises at Watchtower. Written for the [ profile] smallearth advent calendar. PG

Morning Ritual: They had a morning ritual all of their own...  Written for [ profile] jennyspring who told me that she never had a fic written from one of her manips so I decided to fix that. PG

A life without a lie: Chloe comes to a realisation that she can’t live a lie and she can’t tell the truth...  Rewrite of the end of Committed, 8.05. PG

Multi - media bingo challenge: Nine Smallville drabbles written for the [ profile] scifiland's multi media bing challenge. All PG

Love is in the air: Chloe Sullivan hates Valentines Day simply cause she always seems to be alone on it. That is until a knight comes to her rescue. Written for [ profile] scifiland's love, actually challenge. PG

Siren's Call: What if Chloe had been there when Lois showed up in Siren? Spoilers for 7.11 Siren. PG

A birthday party to remember:When Chloe’s in trouble Oliver comes to her rescue. Spoilers for 8.17 Hex. PG

Mornings at McDougal: The morning after Chloe and Oliver ran into Clark and Lois at the inn  . NC-17 Rating. Spoilers for 9.16 Escape

Multi - media bingo challenge: Seven Smallville drabbles and two Stargate drabbles written for [ profile] scifiland 's multi media bingo challenge

The truth will set you free: Chloe decides to tell Oliver that she embezzled his money instead of Tess. PG Spoilers for 9.13 and 9.14 Persuasion and Conspiracy.

[ profile] comment_fic  drabbles:

Veronica Mars, Logan/Veronica, chocolate syrup... check, whip cream... check, supposed night alone...

Veronica Mars; Logan/Veronica; Veronica finds herself courted by a superhero, but she only has eyes for Logan (Ended up being a Smallville/Superman crossover type drabble)

Veronica Mars; Logan/Veronica; Medieval times

Veronica Mars; Logan/Veronica; It was only a scrape, but it could have been much, much worse

Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, High school reunion

Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, You tell me that you love me but you never want to see me again

Veronica Mars, Lilly/Veronica, Lilly outlived her best friend

Veronica Mars, Logan/Veronica, Veronica and Duncan never got back together

Smallville, Chloe/Oliver, stray dog

Smallville, Chloe/Oliver, playing in the snow 

One Tree Hill, Nathan/Haley + Jamie, Jamie's first birthday

Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, Logan is a superhero or has superpowers

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you like chlollie and veronica mars!
you're one of my favs persons in the world hee :) it's just that I miss veronica mars so much!

I'll start reading your fics, I love "Start Over", so sure I'll love the rest hee

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Image (

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Very happy I found your site. Will note it and return for more info.

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Can I ask why?


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