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Jun. 26th, 2011 07:50 pm
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So I have to put a warning here, this is my first time writing any Stargate fics and obviously I ship Jack/Sam so you’ve been warned. I can’t promise those two fics are great :D

1. Robot

“Robot man,” Bart cried, staggering to the side.
Looking up from the computer that they had been sitting at Victor and Chloe rolled their eyes at Bart. The boy knew how much Victor hated to be called that, only really being part machine, but still, whenever he was drunk, he felt the need to shout it out whenever he saw Victor. Lucky when they were in public people just thought that it was a nickname.
Sighing Victor said, “Impulse go to bed and sleep it off preferably before you wake Oliver up.”
“Yeah,” Chloe agreed, “Please, Ollie hasn’t been sleeping well.”
“It doesn’t matter,” Oliver sighed, “I’m awake. I’ll deal with him you guys just keep doing that working on what you’re doing.” Walking over to Chloe he kissed her on the cheek before whispering in her ear, “Come back into the bedroom and wear me out again.”
Laughing Chloe pushed him away turning back to her work.

2. Inspiration

Sitting across the room Oliver couldn’t help but stare. She was amazing. Chloe Sullivan. He didn’t know how he hadn’t seen it before. How this woman was pure inspiration to him. It astounded and confused him all at the same time. She was his ex girlfriend’s cousin and her best friend was an alien who could rip him in half without trying. Still when he looked at her all he saw was the inspiration to pull himself up out of the gutter and be the hero he was always destined to be. He hoped one day that he could be the inspiration that forced her to see that she was also a hero. She was his hero.

3. Ice cream

Staring down at her ice cream Chloe couldn’t help but smile. She had picked the three flavours that represented the three most important people in her life without even realising it. Vanilla was exactly how you could describe Clark. He was sturdy, dependable, he never changed. He was always there when you wanted something constant. Vanilla was what you reached for when you wanted something but you couldn’t make a decision and it was the same with Clark, she reached for him when there was no one else to talk to. Strawberry ice cream described Lois perfectly. It was sweet and kind, it made her feel warm. It came with a playful strawberry swirl that could only describe Lois’s playful nature. The best flavour however, chocolate, describe Oliver. It sinful, the things he did to her, but she always went back for seconds, like you did when it came to chocolate. For some reason you just couldn’t resist it. It was almost impossible to not want to go back for more when you had had the first bite.
Shaking her head she took another bite of the ice cream, obviously she needed something more interesting to do with her Sunday nights. Maybe Oliver was free?

4. Apart

Sitting down at her laptop Sam smiled when she saw an email from Jack. Clicking it open she smiled as she read about his DC adventures. It made her happy that he was happy and that he loved his new job but she couldn’t help but feel as though a distance had been created between them. She missed him, the way he would always seemed to have a joke ready, no matter what the situation, he always wanted cake, and antagonising the bad guys. She was sure that he would have given anything to spend some time antagonising the Ori, he would have had a million jokes.
It made her wish that he would come back but she knew he couldn’t. It was time that they went their separate ways. Hopefully this would be healthy for them and until they could see each other again there would always be email.

5. Your Choice

“I never left you Jimmy,” Chloe replied with a roll of her eyes, “You left me. You walked out and took your drug addiction with you. You tried to steal money from me. Now I’m doing something that for the good of the planet and because you know Clark’s secret you think that you know everything I know.”
“Well, yeah,” Jimmy stuttered nervously, “Why wouldn’t it mean that?”
“I hold more secrets than you can imagine and just cause you know Clark’s doesn’t mean that you know everything. Cause you don’t, so just leave or shut up. I can’t deal with this right now.”
Nodding Jimmy went and sat by the window, leaving Chloe to sit near Davis, waiting for him to wake and praying that the beast inside of him hadn’t changed the great friend that she remembered.


“I’m a what?” Chloe screeched.
“You’re a BAMF,” Bart replied with a big grin on his face.
Turning to face him Chloe narrowed her eyes and stared at him, hoping that he would get the hint. Seeing that he still had the goofy grin on his face she moved forward, not caring that the league was looking at her funny. Storming over to Bart she grabbed his ear and pulled his head so that he was looking her straight in the eye.
“Why the hell would you call me that?” Chloe demanded.
“It’s not a bad thing licious,” Bart protested, “It means you’re a Bad Ass Mother Fucker.”
“Oh,” Chloe whispered, “I guess that’s not too bad.”
Walking away Bart shook his head Chloe really was the BAMF of the league.

7. Death

“Don’t’ leave,” he whispered grasping her hand, “Don’t leave me here alone. I don’t want to die alone.”
Wiping a tear from her cheek she whispered, “I have to get help. You’ll die if you don’t let me go.”
“Carter!” he growled, “Just stay put. There is no way you can make it the Stargate and back with help, so please just stay with me.”
Carter sighed and shook her head, “You can’t just die here Colonel I won’t let you.”
“You have no choice Carter, so just lie with me.”
Shaking her head Carter moved so she was lying down. She didn’t want to accept this, she felt like she shouldn’t, but deep down she knew that being here, with Jack, was better than funning for help. Lying her head so she could feel his heart beat until it eventually stopped.

8. Life

Taking in a last shaky breath Chloe waited for the darkness to come. She loved that she could help people, give them back their lives but when it came to she lost a bit of hers, she was sure of it. Emil hadn’t been able to prove it but she was sure that by giving people a bit of her energy she was sure that they were actually taking her life force. It would make sense. She couldn’t play God forever after all but if it meant that other people, innocent people, got a second chance at life she was more than willing to continue to do it.

9. Fear

Screaming Chloe jumped up onto the closet chair throwing her hands out to grab the closest item. Retrieving a shoe she held it over her head as her group of super heroes ran, having heard her scream.
Pointing to the ground she cried, “Get the spider! Get the spider!!”
“Sidekick,” Oliver sighed as Bart sped the spider away, “Did you yell because there was a spider in the room. You should know better to do that when there is a group super heroes next door. You gave us a heart attack.”
“Us or you?” Chloe asked as she slowly made her way down off the chair, cautiously looking around to make sure there were no spiders around.
“Me but that’s not the point, you should know better,” Oliver replied wrapping his arms around her, “We all thought you we’re getting kidnapped.”
“Next I’ll try to remember to yell spider if it makes you happy,” Chloe replied with a roll of her eyes.
“That will do.”


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