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This is just a reminder about the [ profile] help_superrobyn auction that I posted about a couple of weeks ago. The auction ends on the 12th of July, which is only a week away (for me anyway, I can't promise it's that for you :D). I'm offering a VM or Smallville fic and you can bid for it here. Don't feel like you have to though cause there are some other great things for offer, especially when it comes to the Smallville fandom so check them out, lend a hand, make a bid :D.

Also something interesting I found while I was over there. There's a request post, so if no one is offering anything that you want than you go there, fill out the form and make a request for it. I'd never seen anything like that before and I thought it was pretty cool so I figured I should share :D Anyway please head over there and help out. It's for a good cause.
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An hour ago I didn't even know about this but a few well placed entries and here I am, an hour later, having offered myself up to be auctioned off. I read all about [ profile] super_robyn and I couldn't help but want to help so I'm hoping that you'll head over there and either vote for me or vote for someone else offering.

I'm offering either a Veronica Mars fic, or a Smallville fic. Yes that's right, I'm so moved by this story that I'm willing to break my hiatus to offer a Smallville fic. So please either head over to [ profile] help_superrobyn and bid on me here or some else or offer something up to bided on. There are some really great things being offered so please help.


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