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 Fic: The truth will set you free
Author: Me
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 9.13 and 9.14 Persuasion and Conspiracy more conspiracy than persuasion though.
Fictable: #24 LuthorCorp
Summary: Chloe decides to tell Oliver that she embezzled his money instead of Tess.
Character/Pairing: Chloe/Oliver, mentions of Tess and Clark
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don’t own Smallville or any of its character so please don’t sue, I’m just a poor uni students having some fun :D
Author’s note: I know Chloe may seem a little OOC here but this was just been itching to be written since I saw the season 9 special features. During the one about creating of the JSA episodes they producers talked about how Chloe, Oliver and Clark were going to have these epiphany moments but the only one that seemed to stick was Oliver’s which got me think and that led to this.
Anyway, enjoy! And please leave a comment :D

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 Fic: Morning at McDougal.
Rating: NC – 17
Summary: The morning after Chloe and Oliver ran into Clark and Lois at the inn
Spoilers: 9.15 Escape (Cause I’ve finally seen it : D)
Disclaimer: I very sadly do not own Smallville or its characters. If I did a lot of things would not have happened the way that they did.
Fictable: 41: Writers Choice/McDougal Inn.
Warnings: Smut, well what I write that could be considered as smut. Season 9 spoilers.
A/N: When I was watching this episode I was curious as to what Oliver and Chloe were talking about when they came into the dining room and since I haven’t had a chance to read all the fics that are out there for season 9 just yet, I figured I’d just write anyway : D
Enjoy! And feel free to comment, I love constructive criticism!!

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Fic: A birthday party to remember.
Rating: PG
Characters: Chloe, Oliver
Word Count: 1512
Fictable: Talon #18
Summary: When Chloe’s in trouble Oliver comes to her rescue.
A/N: Of this post here where Oliver carried Chloe home from her birthday party in Hex. And just so we’re clear I wrote this before realising that [ profile] the_bluesuede had written anything, I’ve just been in class all day. Luckily though our ideas were very different : D. And Please don’t hate me for some of the things I’ve said, I was just thinking about how we don’t actually really know how good friends Chloe and Oliver were before season 9 cause everything happened off screen.
So enjoy! And please comment : D

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Fic: Siren’s Call.
Author: isdon_isgood9
Rating: PG 13+
Character/Pairing: Chloe/Oliver, Dinah, Lois.
Fictable prompt: #15 Queen Tower
Summary: What if Chloe had been there when Lois showed up in Siren?
Spoilers: 7.11 Siren.
Word Count: 1,896
A/N: So this has been wondering around my head for a while and I figure I should finally write it. So I hope you like it, it’s not beta’d.
Enjoy! And please leave a comment, or constructive criticism, I’m open to both.
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Fic: A life without a lie.
Author: [ profile] isdon_isgood9
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I, sadly don’t own Smallville.
Character/Pairing: Chloe Sullivan, Oliver Queen, Chloe/Oliver, mentions of Tess Mercer and Jimmy Olsen.
Words: 1,294
Summary: Chloe comes to a realisation that she can’t live a lie and she can’t tell the truth...
Spoilers: 8.5, Committed
Fictable: 09 Isis Foundation
A/N: This episode aired tonight on 11 and it got me thinking and this story came to be. Enjoy and please feel free to comment.

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So I've recently decided that I wanted to sign up to do some fic tables and after lots and lots of researchI finally settled on two that I wanted to do : D

This first table is from [ profile] 12_stories and I'm going to write it to two pairings, Chloe/Oliver and Veronica/Logan so that will mean that I'll be writing 6 stories for each, and this will hopeful kick start my VM muse again and I'll be able to finish Gangsters Paradise : D

01.The Middle Ages.02.Ancient Egypt.03.Victorian England.04.War Time Europe.
05.Pompeii before the
eruption of Vesuvius.
06.The Crusades.07.King Arthur's Court.08.Ancient Greece.
09.Elizabethan England.10.The Renaissance.11.Viking Age.12.The American Civil War.


This second table is from [ profile] svpromptstables and it will mean that I'll be also writing 50 Smallville fanfics with Chloe/Oliver as my pairing choice (obviously : D)

01.Ace of Clubs.02.Beanery.03.Belle Reve.04.Crater Lake.05Fordman's Department Store.
06.Fortress of Solitude.07.Gotham City.08.Hub City.09.Isis Foundation.10.Kandor.
11.Kent Farm.12.Keystone City.13.Luthor Mansion.14.Metropolis.15Queen Tower.
16.Smallville.17.Star City.18.Talon.19.Themyscira.20.Watchtower.
21.Main Street.22.Smallville High.23.Met U.24.LuthorCorp.25.Coast City.
26.Melville's Nursery.27.Kawatche Caves.28.Excelsior Academy.29.Evan's Field.30.Luthor Mansion.
31.Suicide Slums.32.Black Creek.33.Chandler's Field.34.Smallville Dam.35.Smallville Medical Center.
36.Daily Planet.37.KZXP.38.Metro Coffee Shop.39.Edge City.40.Smallville Cemetery.
41.Krypton.42.Kandor.43.Phantom Zone.44.Mars.45.Almerac.
46.McDougal Inn47.Writer's Choice.48.Writer's Choice.49.Writer's Choice.50.Writer's Choice.


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