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I  figured I should pimp this out this year since there aren't that many people who've signed. I've signed up to write a fic. Yes a VM fic! You may gasp in horror now. : D Anyway you should sign up if you want to spread the VM love this Christmas time : D But you better hurry sign ups end in a few days.
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If you can't guess there is a new gaming community that has just opened, veronicaland. There are three teams: teampcher, team09er, and teammars. You simply leave your name in the sorting post and they place you into one of the two teams you pick. It's that easy and you get to join in the fun, veronica style : ). (P.S. leave my name on your joining form, if you decided to join, and my tea, will get extra points :D)

Just click here: [ profile] veronicaland

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Join Veronica Mars Rewatch Today! Viewing starts the week of May 1st!

Come, join, maybe it will fill the void that [ profile] vm_redux left.
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[ profile] daily_lv is a daily picture community for the pairing Logan/Veronica from the television show Veronica Mars. Each day a new picture will be posted by the mods, so join now in order to share the LoVe ;)


Jan. 1st, 2010 10:02 am
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Voting for round one closes today so if you haven't voted you should definantly do so. There are so brilliant icons up for this round.

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Ok so I stumbbled in to this community and I figured I'd place the banner and link here just incase any of my friends wanted to join it too. It looks like fun. Now the only decision left is who to nominate?


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