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This is for [ profile] scifiland . I had to recast a scifi show with new actors and actresses. So I choose Smallville (like you didn't see that coming) and recast for characters. Click the cut to see who I picked :D

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Fic: Love is in the air.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Chloe/Oliver
Summary: Chloe Sullivan hates Valentines Day simply cause she always seems to be alone on it. That is until a knight comes to her rescue.
Spoilers: End of season 8.
Words: 1,218
A/N This is my fic for the [ profile] scifiland challenge love, actually. So I hope you enjoy :D
And feel free to comment.

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Chloe Sullivan – Finding a separate identity

Explanation: I see these songs as Chloe finding her own identity and learning to like who she and what she does without giving excuses to anyone anymore. I see this set around the season 8 point where she seemed particular unsure of herself.

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Fic: Prom Night
Rating: PG
Summary: It’s prom night for Chloe and Oliver.
Word Count: 2853
Spoilers: Some of Spirit (4.18)
A/N: This is the sequel to prom talk, an AU I wrote earlier in the year. You don’t necessarily need to read that to understand this, just understand that Oliver and Chloe are the same age. This is also the second part of my big bang for [ profile] scifiland.
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banner made by [ profile] tehzo

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Fic: That’s a noir
Rating: PG
Summary: Rewrite of the episode Noir in which Oliver helps Chloe solve the attempted murder of Lana with a little bit of help from Jimmy Olsen.
Spoilers: 6.20
Word Count: 4, 775
A/N: This was inspired by the picture below by [ profile] alxnhnt22 but was also to be part of my big bang entry for [ profile] scifiland.

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This ismy Sci-Fi show for a challenge at [ profile] scifiland

Justice League plot synopsis
Oliver and Chloe Queen have left Metropolis and are making a new life in Star City with the Justice League. Upon arriving they set up the new Watchtower and ISIS foundation so that Chloe will feel a little more at home in the new city. With new meteor infected people flooding through her doors on a daily basis Chloe stumbles upon three who would be perfect additions to the League. Whilst trying to convince Oliver that they are a good fit the new villains in their lives kidnap Oliver and Chloe must use her three new heroes to help rescue her husband. After being freed Oliver realises that they must expand the League further if there is any hope of them taking down the new villains and Lex. Welcoming them with opening arms the League doesn’t realise that one of their new allies isn’t all that he seems, in fact he could be an enemy in disguise. Plaguing attacks, heroes and villains, old and new, the League must learn to function together at last while not having Superman around to save them and three villains to face. In a world of uncertainty and evil can Chloe and Oliver hold onto their love for each other and the love they have for the super hero life?

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Sep. 5th, 2010 08:59 pm
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So I'm pimping another site, shock horror :  ). Anyway, I just joined   [info]scifiland and I thought I should pimp it out here. It has a host of scifi shows including Smallville, Doctor Who and Torchwood. There are four teams, villians, heros, anti-heros and sidekicks, and we're just entering the second phase of challenges. So come and join in the fun and if not just enjoy the above picture :  )


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