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This is just a reminder about the [ profile] help_superrobyn auction that I posted about a couple of weeks ago. The auction ends on the 12th of July, which is only a week away (for me anyway, I can't promise it's that for you :D). I'm offering a VM or Smallville fic and you can bid for it here. Don't feel like you have to though cause there are some other great things for offer, especially when it comes to the Smallville fandom so check them out, lend a hand, make a bid :D.

Also something interesting I found while I was over there. There's a request post, so if no one is offering anything that you want than you go there, fill out the form and make a request for it. I'd never seen anything like that before and I thought it was pretty cool so I figured I should share :D Anyway please head over there and help out. It's for a good cause.
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An hour ago I didn't even know about this but a few well placed entries and here I am, an hour later, having offered myself up to be auctioned off. I read all about [ profile] super_robyn and I couldn't help but want to help so I'm hoping that you'll head over there and either vote for me or vote for someone else offering.

I'm offering either a Veronica Mars fic, or a Smallville fic. Yes that's right, I'm so moved by this story that I'm willing to break my hiatus to offer a Smallville fic. So please either head over to [ profile] help_superrobyn and bid on me here or some else or offer something up to bided on. There are some really great things being offered so please help.
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So I've spent the weekend thinking and sad and it finally hit me. I don't like writing Chlollie at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I love the Chlollie pairing I really do but right now I don't think I'm writing for myself which is sad. And I hate writing for reviews, it just leaves me feeling shitty. So I've decided I need a break, get some perspective and somehow find my way back to writing Chlollie stories for myself.

There are a few exceptions though. Firstly I have two smallville big bangs to finish, one of which is Chlollie, and I intend to finish writing those. I made a commitment and frankly I'm rather excited about my first 2 big bangs. Secondly to be an active member of [ profile] scifiland I'll need to have a scifi show to write about and that will most likely remain as Smallville. I love being a member of [ profile] scifiland and I won't give that up for anything. Other than that though I won't be writing Chlollie for a while. I don't know when I'll decided to write Chlollie again but at the moment I just can't.

On a more positive note though it will give me plenty of time to focus on the Veronica Mars fics I've been neglecting which is a good thing, cause I've never written VM for anyone but myself. And once I made the decision yesterday I wrote over 1000 words for part 3 of gangsters paradise :D So I'm feeling good about this decision.
Anyway that's all :D
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[ profile] smallvillebbang - 2011 Information

For [ profile] smallvillebbang , cause over the weekend I got talked into signing up for another big bang so I figured I'd tell everyone and hope that  some of my smallville author friends would think about signing up. So that's all. They're also looking for artists and beta's and probably cheerleaders, I'm not too sure about that. I might have to check.
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This is for [ profile] scifiland . I had to recast a scifi show with new actors and actresses. So I choose Smallville (like you didn't see that coming) and recast for characters. Click the cut to see who I picked :D

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So I've recently decided that I wanted to sign up to do some fic tables and after lots and lots of researchI finally settled on two that I wanted to do : D

This first table is from [ profile] 12_stories and I'm going to write it to two pairings, Chloe/Oliver and Veronica/Logan so that will mean that I'll be writing 6 stories for each, and this will hopeful kick start my VM muse again and I'll be able to finish Gangsters Paradise : D

01.The Middle Ages.02.Ancient Egypt.03.Victorian England.04.War Time Europe.
05.Pompeii before the
eruption of Vesuvius.
06.The Crusades.07.King Arthur's Court.08.Ancient Greece.
09.Elizabethan England.10.The Renaissance.11.Viking Age.12.The American Civil War.


This second table is from [ profile] svpromptstables and it will mean that I'll be also writing 50 Smallville fanfics with Chloe/Oliver as my pairing choice (obviously : D)

01.Ace of Clubs.02.Beanery.03.Belle Reve.04.Crater Lake.05Fordman's Department Store.
06.Fortress of Solitude.07.Gotham City.08.Hub City.09.Isis Foundation.10.Kandor.
11.Kent Farm.12.Keystone City.13.Luthor Mansion.14.Metropolis.15Queen Tower.
16.Smallville.17.Star City.18.Talon.19.Themyscira.20.Watchtower.
21.Main Street.22.Smallville High.23.Met U.24.LuthorCorp.25.Coast City.
26.Melville's Nursery.27.Kawatche Caves.28.Excelsior Academy.29.Evan's Field.30.Luthor Mansion.
31.Suicide Slums.32.Black Creek.33.Chandler's Field.34.Smallville Dam.35.Smallville Medical Center.
36.Daily Planet.37.KZXP.38.Metro Coffee Shop.39.Edge City.40.Smallville Cemetery.
41.Krypton.42.Kandor.43.Phantom Zone.44.Mars.45.Almerac.
46.McDougal Inn47.Writer's Choice.48.Writer's Choice.49.Writer's Choice.50.Writer's Choice.
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Chloe Sullivan – Finding a separate identity

Explanation: I see these songs as Chloe finding her own identity and learning to like who she and what she does without giving excuses to anyone anymore. I see this set around the season 8 point where she seemed particular unsure of herself.

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This ismy Sci-Fi show for a challenge at [ profile] scifiland

Justice League plot synopsis
Oliver and Chloe Queen have left Metropolis and are making a new life in Star City with the Justice League. Upon arriving they set up the new Watchtower and ISIS foundation so that Chloe will feel a little more at home in the new city. With new meteor infected people flooding through her doors on a daily basis Chloe stumbles upon three who would be perfect additions to the League. Whilst trying to convince Oliver that they are a good fit the new villains in their lives kidnap Oliver and Chloe must use her three new heroes to help rescue her husband. After being freed Oliver realises that they must expand the League further if there is any hope of them taking down the new villains and Lex. Welcoming them with opening arms the League doesn’t realise that one of their new allies isn’t all that he seems, in fact he could be an enemy in disguise. Plaguing attacks, heroes and villains, old and new, the League must learn to function together at last while not having Superman around to save them and three villains to face. In a world of uncertainty and evil can Chloe and Oliver hold onto their love for each other and the love they have for the super hero life?

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