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I  figured I should pimp this out this year since there aren't that many people who've signed. I've signed up to write a fic. Yes a VM fic! You may gasp in horror now. : D Anyway you should sign up if you want to spread the VM love this Christmas time : D But you better hurry sign ups end in a few days.
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Fic: Christmas Morning
Rating: NC17 (There’s a sex scene).
Word Count: 2,905
Spoilers: Up to Season 3 Episode 9
Summary: Christmas morning at the Presidential Suite .
Author’s note: This is a gift for spikeshunny on [ profile] vm_santa. It was also beta’d by the amazing [ profile] afrocurl who put up with my bad punctuation again. If I haven’t said it enough already thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

A/N 2: This also complies to the monthly theme challenge: Christmas Coral over in Round 4 (December) on vmfic_gameon

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Fic: Once upon a game of Mini Golf
Rating: PG
Word Count: 945
Spoilers: As long as you know LoVe broke up in the summer between season 1 and 2. This takes place just before Veronica would have gotten together with Duncan in the canon.
Summary: It always starts with a game of mini golf.
Author’s note: This is written for spikeshunny on [ profile] vm_santa gift. Also this was beta’d by the fabulous [ profile] afrocurl who put up with my really bad punctuation (and other problems) to help turn it into a semi-decant fic. So if I haven’t said it enough [ profile] afrocurl thank you, thank you, thank you.

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