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Fic: Dinner on Mars

Author: [ profile] isdon_isgood9

Rating: PG

Summary: What if Veronica had let Logan speak when they had dinner with her dad?

Spoilers: mild 3.04, nothing to major

Disclaimer: Sadly I in no way own Veronica Mars. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

A/N: this is for round 10’s word table challenge for vmfic_gameon. I used 20 out of the 25 words (mythological, dashing, atheist, speed, concentrate, bag, tango, hallelujah, grandfather, poll, honey, hysteric, window, attack, persecution, reap, cocaine, bullet, aftershave, voluptuous), one of which I didn't know the meaning of before I looked it up in the dictionary, do feel free to tell me if I haven’t used it right. Also thanks to the amazing, wonderful, gem that is [ profile] metchick01 who beta’d this for me.

Enjoy and feel free to comment!



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Fic: The Decline and Fall of the Kane Empire

Author: [ profile] isdon_isgood9

Characters/Pairing: Logan, Weevil, Duncan, Madison and Cassidy

Rating: R (Mild sexual references)

Summary: Five people who didn’t kill Lilly Kane... But could have.

Disclaimer: I, sadly, do not own Veronica Mars. I don’t really own a lot anything

Authors note: This is written for round ten’s by the numbers challenge at vmfic_gameon. The marvellous [ profile] annie_oakly left the prompt of five people who didn’t kill Lilly Kane but could have and well this kind of came running out. Now I’ve got to say that this is a little darker than what I usually write, and it kind of creeps me out that I could write something like this but I did. Thanks to the wonderful, kind, brilliant [ profile] metchick01 who beta’d this for me, words don’t express how grateful I am when some beta’s a piece of my writing and doesn’t send it back saying that there is no hope for it, cause I suck.

Anyway, enough rambling, Enjoy!



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Title: Gangsters Paradise (1/4)
Author: isdon_isgood9
Rating: PG
Summary: Veronica is a working girl in the 1930s and when she meets supposed gangster her life is turned upside down
Spoilers: None, its AU
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except for the clothes on my back and I don’t plan to give them up.
Author's Note (Optional): This is written for round of vmfic_gameon as part of the word table. I used 9 of the 25 words (plead, clearly, wish, duo, untouched, taint, screenplay, appointment, willpower). There is gangster slang in this fic so in case you’re wondering about the meaning of the words are you can find a post with them here. Also I have to thank the lovely, wonderful, amazing thegraduate09 for the superfast and incredible beta. Thank you so much. On that note if you feel the need to leave constructive criticism I would more than welcome it. I’m still trying to get better at writing so if you think it will help go right ahead.


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Ficlet: They tried to make me go to rehab
Rating: PG

Summary: Three times Veronica has had to drop someone off at rehab



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Fic: A kiss to wish by.

Rating: PG

prompt #18: Logan/Veronica AU for episode 2.20- Look Who's Stalking. What if Veronica let Logan kiss her at alterna-prom?

Summary: See prompt.

Word count:

A/N written for vmfic_gameon’s free for all challenege for the above prompt left by annie_oakly.

A/N2 This also serves as love_is_epic’s very late birthday present. I’m very sorry it’s so late. Enjoy!



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Title: Open Your Eyes
Author: [ profile] isdon_isgood9
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica
Word Count: 3,243
Rating: PG15+
Summary: What do you do when the one you love is being reckless?
Spoilers: Goes AU at the end of season 1.
Prompt: left by [ profile] annie_oakly: Logan/Veronica AU during summer from season two. Keith's medical bills mean Veronica has to take cases to make money, and since cracking Lilly's murder, she get into her work even more. But Logan's worried about HER being reckless and after everything he's been through, he just needs things to get back to normal...
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Veronica Mars. No copyright infringement is intended.
A/N: Three things. Firstly thanks to my wonderful beta, [ profile] thegraduate09. Secondly this was written for the free for all challenge on vmfic_gameon. And thirdly this is a song fic. The song is Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol. As usually if you have any advice on ways that I can get better feel free to leave it, cause as hard as I am trying to get better I know I’m nowhere near as good as some so please leave me some advice. I usually listen and take it on board. Enjoy!

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Fic: The Voice-mail of Reason.

Author: [ profile] isdon_isgood9

Rating: R (Just to be safe)

Summary: What if Veronica had listened to Logan’s voicemail instead of deleting it?

Spoilers: Goes AU mid 3.12

Disclaimer: I, sadly, don’t own Veronica Mars, though it is on my birthday list :)

Author’s note: This was written for the free for all challenge in round 7 of vmfic_gamon from the prompt left by [ profile] onceuponapillow. This fic was also beta’d by the very lovely, talented, fabulous, amazing and incredible [ profile] fleurlb who not only put up with my poor punctuation but made me laugh whilst reading through her suggests and no one has ever done that before, so thank you very much. Other than that I like constructive criticism and don't  be afraid to comment. Enjoy!




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Title: Judgement.
Author: isdon_isgood9
Rating: PG
Summary: Logan finally makes good on a promise to his father...
Spoilers: Do you know that Lilly died, that Logan was getting abused by Aaron, that Veronica and Logan dated the summer before senior year? If you know all this feel free to exile everything else you know about Veronica Mars for the duration of this fic ‘cause it’s not necessary.
Disclaimer: As much as I wish and hope and plead that it will be mine it is not :(.
Author's Note: This is written for Round #5’s episode challenge on vmfic_gameon. Also this is the first time I’ve written anything like this so I’d love some constructive thoughts on how to get better (*wink wink nudge nudge* can you blame me. I’m still new to all this) and this was beta’d by the wonderful and marvellous thegraduate09 who beta’d this not once but twice because of some technical difficulties we where both having
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Fic: Donut gets Dunked (Duncan, Logan, Veronica, Lamb) PG15+

Title: Donut gets Dunked
Author: isdon_isgood9
Rating: PG15+
Summary: This fic is written for the vmfic_gameon October episode challenge. Duncan gets caught in Mexico with Lilly and now he must face the time for his crime.
Spoilers: Up to episode 2.07
Disclaimer: As sad as I am to admit this I do not own Veronica Mars.
Author's Note (Optional): This piece actually is kinda beta’d. Which is a first for me and I say kinda beta’d because I got my roommate, whose never watched Veronica Mars, to read it and go over the grammar and spelling for me. So I named the judge after him. Also Veronica is no longer with Duncan and didn’t help him take Lilly (and I have permission for this). This is my first fic for a challenge so I’d really some constructive criticism if you don’t mind otherwise enjoy.




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